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What is the working principle of jaw crusher?


Jaw crusher is composed of dust protector,crusher and safety devices.It is generally associated with type reprint machines. During the transporting process of the gangue by conveyor, crushing axis on the central is driven by the drive unit to rotate horizontal, mounted on the shaft of the broken tooth pecking large gangue, that is, the gangue were crushed to the required fragmentation. Broken fragmentation can be adjusted by adjusting the height of shaft.

Crusher is mainly used for crushing chunks of coal and gangue to prevent crushing conveyor, telescopic belt conveyor to ensure the normal operation. Commonly used types of crusher include hammer crusher, jaw crusher and wheeled crushers. Hammer crusher has simple structure, high production efficiency and good reliability, which is suitable for crushing coal or waste rock not too hard; jaw crusher's structure is more complex, but for hard coal, partings with good crushing capacity; wheeled crusher is a more advanced crusher, but it has certain requirements for crushing materials, such as hardness can not be too big. Coal refuse content shall not exceed 5% and so on.