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Zhuhai Nanping 1215 gravel sand production line


1215 Zhuhai Nanping gravel sand production line is a large sand production line which is Guangdong LeiMeng Heavy Machinery Group cooperates with Zhuhai Investment Company, designed and constructed in 2014 in the town of Zhuhai Nanping,.

The production line consists of 1 set PE1200*1500 jaw crusher machine, 2 set PYB2200 cone crusher machine, 3 set S240 cone crusher, 8 set ZYK2570 vibrating screen. It can be used for operation of limestone, granite, basalt, river gravel and other materials’ aggregate and artificial sand making. The production line is also the largest and most high-end line for it’s high capacity of 1000 tons per hour..

From the current actual operation situation, LeiMeng 1215 production line has a variety of advantages, including high efficiency, low operating cost, large capacity, high yield, uniform size of finished stone, good grain shape. In addition, except the boot downtime and daily maintenance, operation of the equipment is very stable even no any additional labor to operate.